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[TRANS] 140723 U-KISS HIGH CUT JAPAN Interview


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— Let’s start with an introduction from the new member, Jun!

J: Nice to meet you! I’m the youngest member of U-KISS, Jun. Please take care of me! I’ll do my best.

— What are you responsible for?

J: Rap.
SH: He is a multi-player (skilled) and can rap, sing and dance!


— What is the theme or feature of your 9th single “LOVE ON U”?

SH: Firstly “LOVE ON U” is an up-tempo song and is a song that we can enjoy together with our fans. This song is a collaboration song for the jewelry brand “THE KISS”. We added a choreography to this song which we originally didn’t have and filmed the MV. It was titled “LOVE ON U” and we prepared for it so we could show you a new U-KISS.

— Is there a part you particularly like?

E: I do! I like the choreo where Kiseop sings “LOVE ON U~”.

— What kind of dance is it?

KS: It’s easy to learn and a cheerful one.
SH: Although it’s a little difficult. (laugh)

— Are there any parts you felt were difficult?

KS: None! It was easy. (laugh)
KV: I don’t think so. (laugh)
SH: For the high pitched part of this song, Kiseop always practices using his voice “Ah-Ah-Ah! Ma-!” before-hand. It’s not easy!
KS: No (it isn’t). (laugh)
SH: I think this, not only about “LOVE ON U” but also about other songs too but…I think singing whilst dancing is the toughest. Especially physically! We get out of breath.

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140716 [Fan account] UKISS Japan Live Tour 2014 Tokyo concerts


FINALLY MY FIRST FAN ACCOUNT OMG ;u; This could be (one of) the happiest day in my life, filled with both joys and tears, for finally being able to see them in person. Though exhausted, I seriously couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It’s really a memorable concert.
A small note, it’s REALLY LONG, a bit detailed, and /slightly/ Kevin focusedㅋㅋㅋ Also, If you’re planning to go to the concert and have fun and experience it yourself, I suggest you do not continue readingㅎㅎ

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140707 DJ Eric Nam - Kevin’s phonecall cut

Do you guys have any strange habits while sleeping?


Eli: HOON. Hoon snores soooo much! He’s the biggest snorer I’ve ever seen.
DJ: He snores a lot??
Eli: Yes. It’s crazy. And he’s like..twitches a lot.
DJ: Do you guys share a room?
KV: No, we don’t live together in Korea. We live together in Japan, but we could hear his snore all the way from…

You don’t fool us Eli, you didn’t want to move the wire you wanted to hug Kiseop

You don’t fool us Eli, you didn’t want to move the wire you wanted to hug Kiseop

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