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[ROUGH TRANS] 140816 Fan Account: Sendai Concert night session


After Neverland when the stage darkened, KISSmes revealed the slogan to congratulate on Hoon’s birthday. Almost all of the KISSmes held the slogan and it was beautiful.

When Hoon saw the slogans, he said “Thank you” happily many times and broke into a smile, but the other members’ reactions were small, saying “Eh? Today is Hoon’s birthday?” And Soohyun changed the topic quickly, “We have an important announcement. Video cue~” Then the jewelry making video appeared on screen.

Suddenly the jewelry video was corrupted and the screen was darkened. While the fans were still surprised, a different video appeared on the screen. It was filmed in a small room backstage, and the members were sincerely writing birthday messages on a chocolate board with chocolate pen.

After writing on the chocolate board, they faced the camera and send a message to Hoon individually.
Jun: “Thank you for always teaching me Japanese~”
Kevin: “Hoon is my precious friend♡”
Soohyun: “(in Korean) I recalled the day when we first met. It’s been 2, 3 years since that day. Let’s sing good songs together in the future as well~ *small voice* Happy birthday~ If I don’t do this sneakily, he might overhear and find out hehe *happily* Congrats! Happy birthday!”

Hoon was leaning on the set-up wall on the stage watching the video. Though his face can’t be seen, we can still feel that he was touched and was about to cry.

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Hoony you are so cuteeeee~~~ o(≧o≦)o

Lost In Neverland: U-Kiss Edition
Fight your way to safety with the rest of the lost
boys, go up against the dastardly N.Hook and thwart
his evil plans.

Rated E for Everyone
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